Evolift provides the world’s first remote-controlled marine technology lifting unit solution that are able to connect and release cargo that are moving due to waves, wind and currents on the surface of the sea, without interaction of personnel. Consequently, we save time, lower costs, and eliminate personnel risk in marine lifting operations. This is solving a huge challenge that must be solved if electrification, autonomous ships and remote rig cranes are to become a realistic alternative. The solution can further be developed to release and connect in subsea lifting operations without the assistance of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) or divers and it can be digitalised, facilitating data gathering and analysis, and become a vital part of the logistics system.






The Automatic Hooks
Some of the main features the automatic hooks include are a swivel with bearings which allow the hook to rotate freely
and, if necessary, can be set in a fix position. It is ready to be upgraded with a weighing scale and carries a clutch protected
electric motor to prevent overloads. The safety hook has been designed to work in the toughest conditions and is built with
high strength structural steel body and impact and corrosion resistant polyester coating. Spring-operated stainless steel
safety latch and forged hook. With the precise electronic torque control, you can adjust the release limit, eliminating any
problem with heavy rigging.

The Lifting Clamps
The all new automatic horizontal lifting clamps have been designed for lifting and transferring steel plates, beams and pipes
in a secure and safe manner. Weighing only 19 kg/41.8 lb and with a safety factor of 4:1, it is capable of lifting up to 5,000
kg/11,023 lb. The ergonomic and simple to use lifting clamp has a changeable tip that can be replaced depending on its use,
whether it be for lifting pipes, metal or sheet plates or beams. The eTrack rail lifting clamp, with its 2,000 kg/4,409 lb lifting
capacity, has been designed to ease the lifting, handling and transporting of singular rail sections safely and securely. The
eTrack rail lifting clamp approaches, orients and positions itself directly on the rail thanks to the finger. Once in position, the
crane descends, the spring loaded finger retracts and allows the clamp to make contact with the rail. Remote controlled
and manufactured under a fail-safe design like the rest of our automated products, we’ve also added additional safety
measures with the LED status indicator, which informs in real-time of both clamps’ state at any given moment.

The Lifting Hooks
The NEO20 and NEO50 lifting hooks have been designed as THE perfect solution for lifting and transporting bell furnaces, as
well as for most oversized lifting points. Both lifting hooks allow the remote engage and release of any load and under its
fail-safe design it is impossible to drop a suspended load. The lifting and manoeuvring of bell furnaces implies limited
visibility and to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible the lifting hooks can be set with the Autoclose Mode.
Also, NEO includes the “All or Nothing” principle: an additional safety feature where the hook lifts the load ONLY when the
closure system is confirmed locked.


All of the elebia remote controls allow simple, flexible, precise and reliable control in a failsafe way. The eMAX is the most
advanced and powerful remote control. It can control multiple automatic hooks simultaneously, whilst displaying all the
info in a big high-resolution screen and a high profile keypad, yet remains handy and lightweight. The eMINI remote control
is small, simple and ergonomic, and allows the operator to open and close the automatic hook and control its battery level.
All elebia automatic hooks can also be controlled using a free channel of the crane’s master control.

Batteries & Chargers
All of our lifting products are powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and have no connectors or wires. Simple to use, as
all you need to do is push to insert and pull to remove. The batteries for the complete range of automatic hooks, lifting
clamps and lifting hooks are high capacity, as a 3 hour charge allows for 5,000 cycles or 250 hours in standby mode. For long
term storage, the batteries should be charged to 50% of its capacity, and recharged every 3 months. 100-240 V AC chargers
are also available for both models of batteries, as well as a charging station for up to 10 batteries.

elebia has different accessories for your automatic hook and remote control, as well as complimentary accessories to help
you enhance safety and productivity in your day-to-day activities. From the bumper and heat shield, which protect the
hooks from impacts, scratches, radiated heat and extremely elevated temperatures, to different textile slings with metal
wiring and bulk bags with the metal insert in its central sling. The flight cases allow you to comfortably transport the safety
hooks anywhere necessary and the flip-up belt is a practical accessory for the eMAX remote control.

Logistic software

Evolift hook management

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