Evo 2

(3 hour charge – 1 week’s power)

The evo2 battery is smaller and lighter than the rest of the range of safety hooks. With the new Eink charge status display system and new electronics, autonomy and consumption are optimized.


Since we invented the automatic hook in 2006, our customers have identified the need for smaller, lighter and more compact crane hooks.

Having listened, we are proud to present the evo2 automatic hook. Weighing only 7 kgs./15.43 lbs. and with a working load limit of 2,500 kgs./5,511 lbs., the evo2 remote release hook has additional features than its bigger counterparts. Smaller, more compact, lighter, more efficient, more versatile… Smarter!

The evo2 is an automatic crane hook which, like the rest of the range of our lifting hooks for cranes, hooks on and releases the load remotely, increasing safety, productivity and comfort of all cargo lifting operations.

Our smallest automatic crane hook lifts and releases the load remotely. The remote controlled crane hook generates a magnetic field that attracts and orients the sling, masterlink or rigging gear. The operator then presses the “close” button on the remote control to automatically close the crane hook, without any manual intervention, operating remotely from a safe distance.


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